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Meet Dory Ellen Fish L. Ac

About Dory Ellen Fish L. Ac

When a patient tells me that they feel like themselves again, I know that they are on their way to recovery. To this end, I formulate individual treatment plans for each visit using a sysnthesis of 5-Element acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping, guasha, moxibustion, nutritional recommendations, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and other healing modalities.

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Treatments are designed with the intention of awakening the body's ability to repair itself. The ability of acupuncture to effectively address symptoms at the levels of body, mind and spirit allows for healing on multiple levels. In addition to (or instead of) acupuncture sessions, I often refer patients to physical therapists, MD's, psychotherapists, gynecologists, dermatologists, nutritionists , yoga teachers and others. The reciprocal relationships I have with specialists in many fields of medicine provide the model of integrative, inclusive medicine that characterizes my practice.

Typically, I see patients for an hour, which allows for the time to craft each treatment based on the needs of the patient at that time. I draw from a deep, ever-growing set of skills and listen closely to my patients, in order to address areas of concern at each appointment. I intentionally maintain a small practice so that everyone will receive the care that they need.


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